Explaining Tattoos to your Kids

Explaining Tattoos to your Kids

OK, this isn’t going to be like most of my posts… Usually I share my perspective on the world and maybe try and provide my own recommendations or “advise” on a topic (not that I’m qualified, I just like to talk sometimes)

But this time I’m flipping the script… I’ve got a parenting challenge that I don’t know how to address and it’s coming to the point of no return.

Long story short… I’m getting my first tattoo tonight. Now I know that I’m kinda doing things backwards… usually you party and get tattoos before children, but I got married young, and it took me a decade to decide on what my tattoo will be.

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You Need a Vacation

Going through a Divorce? You Need a Vacation!

Last year I was in the midst of my divorce. We separated January 1st, and it took till the second week of July to get separation papers signed.

Those 6 months were crazy, not that anything happened per-say, but crazy because of the mental insanity involved in ending a marriage.  Basically there was a lot of soul searching, sadness and anger.

View from my room on vacation


Money was tight, since I now needed to pay my ex and I was trying to setup a new home for my kids. But an opportunity arose to go on a vacation to a hot destination with my sister, and I jumped on it.

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Taco Night = Saturday Morning Taco Eggs

Taco Eggs?

My kids love Tacos…. so we have Taco night every Friday (well actually every other Friday). Luckily for me I also love tacos, although mine always have way more stuff on them…. kids can be so boring.

Anyway, as with most things, I always cook extra food so that I have left overs, because as everyone knows leftovers = less work!!!!

So one morning I invented a new food….. well in truth I’m sure it’s not new, but I thought of it on my own, so I’m claiming it and there is nothing you can do to stop me!

May I present to you…. TACO EGGS!!!!!

Best Saturday morning meal after Taco night.... Taco Eggs

Best Saturday morning meal after Taco night

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Investment Strategy Recommendation

What Investment Strategy Recommendation do I give to friends?

Money is a topic that I love. That being said it is often a polarizer…. some people hate talking about it and some people love talking about it (even when they often have no clue about what they are saying).


If you’ve ever asked someone what to invest in or you’ve searched the internet you’ve probably seen a million opinions, and they are probably all terrible!!!!

The normal investor pretty much has the deck stacked against them, between massive trading firms, electronic micro-second trading, and insider information, it’s virtually impossible for the average personal investor to make quick gains in the stock market, plus the fact that you probably have no time to actually research stocks since you have a real job, it’s a lose-lose proposition.

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Book Review: The Millionaire Next Door

I Recommend The Millionaire Next Door

In Canada a book was written in 1989, that since then has been a recommended read for the financially illiterate, or those starting their journey towards financial literacy.

That book was called “The Wealthy Barber”, and I think it SUCKED!!!!

Yes I said it, I went against popular commentary and spoke the truth. The book is overly simplistic and doesn’t go far enough to paint the picture that many people need to know. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to necessarily hurt you to read it, but there are many other great books.

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How to Stop Hating Your Ex

Have you asked yourself How to Stop Hating Your Ex?

Me too.


It’s been a year and I think I still hate her.

Now don’t get me wrong, it has been getting better over time, I think about her less and less everyday, and I don’t find myself angry or sad very often…. but every now and then, I’ll be chilling at home, watching TV and relaxing and something will trigger it, it’s usually something sappy on TV, and sometimes I feel hate, and sometimes I feel loss, and sometimes I’m sad.

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Mortgage Extra Payments

Why you should be using Mortgage Extra Payments

First off, what are these privileges?

Most mortgages nowadays have some version of pre-payment privileges. These are often label as 10/10 or 15/15 or 20/20. But what does that mean? I’ll use the 20/20 options for my explanation and calculations below.

The First “20” represents an increase to your regular payment. Effectively you can increase your mortgage payment by up to 20% over the current payment. This option can be exercised once each calendar year, at any time, without charge.

The Second “20” represents a Lump Sum Payment. Effectively you can prepay up to 20% of the original mortgage principal each calendar year. This option can be exercised in minimum amounts of $100 without charge, some conditions may apply.

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Places to meet an online date

What are some great places to meet an online date

In a past post I opined about my first date rules, one of which is to chose a spot where you can talk and get to know your date. With that rule in mind, here are 3 great places to bring a first date:

1) Coffee Shop

It may seem cliche, but the traditional coffee shop is a great place to meet a first date. It’s disarming for her because it’s casual. It’s cheap for you. And you’ll actually be able to hear each other!


Bonus Tip: Suggest a non-chain local shop that she probably hasn’t heard of yet, it’ll show that you know your city and can think of unique places that aren’t Starbucks.

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My First Date Rules

First Date Rules for Dating in your Thirties

Personally I’m currently in a weird in-between phase, where I don’t really want a relationship, but I do want to be casual dating. I want the fun experiences of meeting new people and engaging in activities, plus I still need a healthy amount of sex.

So I’ve been casually dating since my divorce. I’ve been on tons of dates and as a result I’m come up with my own list of “First Date Rules”

Here are some of my rules that I use to weed out the crazies (actual crazy people, or those that want to get married tomorrow) and prudes (girls who have no interest in intimacy).

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Budgeting Tips for Single Parents

Top 5 Budgeting Tips for Single Parents

Learn about the tax credits or benefits for Single parents

Being a single parent is different from being a married parent. The tax rules and credits work differently. UCCB can be split, and if you have more than one dependant then you can arrange to have an equivalent-to-spouse tax credit.

Also if you are paying Spousal support it’s tax deductible.

Here are a few links that explain some of these tax credits in more detail:

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Sharing the experience of becoming a single father